One of the best things about exploring a new culture is experiencing its food. Each region has dishes that are native to that area and are influenced by the plants and animals that have thrived there for hundreds or thousands of years. All of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean are rich with food culture and Greece has certainly not been left behind. If visiting Athens, there are lots of amazing Greek dishes that you might like to try.

When starting to look at a culture's food you will want to begin with the sort of things that you will commonly find in the kitchen. In Greece, that is olive oil, vegetables, bread, wine, various herbs, fish, chicken and pork. There are many dishes that you will find in Greek restaurants from Sparta to London real estate that feature olives, cheese, yogurt, zucchini, and eggplant. Desserts commonly have honey and nuts in them and many use filo pastry.

While there are some dishes that you will see served throughout Greece, there are some that are only typical for certain regions. For example, if you go to your favourite restaurant around Riverdale Toronto real estate and they are serving Chaniotiko Boureki and dakos then you know that they are from somewhere close to Crete. An appetizer that you will see in all kinds of different Greek restaurants is spanakopita, which is spinach and cheese wrapped in filo pastry. Gyros, moussaka, and souvlaki are all popular Greek dishes that you will see outside of just Greek restaurants. You might even get these things from a food cart outside of your dentist downtown Toronto office space.

Like many countries throughout Europe, meals are a big part of family and social life in Greece. It is not rare for dinner to last for several hours and the average dinner at home will have several courses. For dessert, you might have a piece of halva or baklava. There are also lots of different kinds of cheeses and wine that you can try if you're experiencing Greek food. This is a cuisine that could suit your needs if you're looking for something to serve to Canadian artists at a gala event or if you're interested in making yourself an afternoon snack. And you can finish off your meal with a delicious cup of Greek coffee or an espresso.

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