We owe a lot to the people of Ancient Greece. In this country, between the eighth and fourth century BC, they started such things as the study of philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy and were the creators of democracy and freedom of speech. When you look at anything from custom cabinets to statues in Rome, you can still see the influence of the aesthetic of this culture. And when these people were doing all of these incredible things, they were doing them in the service of the Greek gods.

Greek mythology is a vibrant world of stories which will tell you the tales of great warriors and used to answer important questions about why the world functions the way that it does. While everyone who is living in a new home today could be practicing a different religion or have different ideas about what should be believed, the Greeks were pretty uniform in their believe that the Titans were defeated by Zeus, who became the leader of Olympus, all of the other gods, and the world down below. Most people learn a little bit about Greek mythology while they are in school but we want to open up your eyes to just how rich these stories, people, creatures and gods can be.

First, we want to tell you a little about all of the different characters that made up the Greek myths. There were more than just the gods and goddesses. It all started with the Titans and then there were creatures ranging from cyclopses to a flying horse. While you might have seen some movies in your home about the most famous heroes, like Hercules and Theseus, there is a good chance that you don't know just how many different people, animals, and hybrids of the two appeared in myths. We want to tell you about them all and just what they could do.

And then there are all of the specific stories. They are of love, war, revenge, discovery, and adventure. They can take place on Earth, in Olympus, or in the Underworld. And if you're looking for some riveting tales to read while you're trying to fall asleep in your condo than there are lots of different ones to choose from. There are also many stories that have been created through the years that are based on Greek myths. These range from characters and plots in some of the plays of Shakespeare to modern films, television shows and books. We want to take you through as many stories as possible that came about thanks to Greek mythology.

While all of these tales are interesting and complex, so are the people who once believed them. You can't study Greek mythology without looking at the Ancient Greek culture as well. We want to paint you a picture of what it was like to live in this part of the world at this time. How were homes built when there were no nail guns or rope created when there were no braids and laces, ribbons or twine. We will also compare Greek mythology with the other beliefs that were around at that time. There are many similarities between these stories and those in Roman, Norse, and Irish societies, to name just a few. And this culture was something that influenced everything from wars to art. We can still see the effects of the world on Ancient Greek artwork and we will trace the culture influences of this time and place. Thanks to Shamrock Property Management (website) as well as Your Next Journey (website) for their ongoing support.

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